My final Final Fantasy…

So it started out good, a couple fetch quests some monster hunts and we are good to go, unfortunately what final fantasy lacks is….fantasy. There is almost no lore and no pull. The sidequests feel tacked on and don’t really add anything.

Let me just say I don’t mind rails as long as the story is there and it is done right. I remember the epic sidequests of the past for awesome weapons and cool materia. You felt like you were doing something and you were rewarded with more lore the further you go. 

You know what I think we need? Less Fallout and more Ultima 7. Raise your hand if you remember Ultima 7. It was an awesome rpg before RPG’s were cool. It was open world and unraveled gloriously. Even Borderlands did better. There is just nothing compelling about the side quests, long hours with no return it’s almost like a job a walmart. These long trecks are filled with plataeus you can’t get over and either low level trash mobs, or 5 drop ships with imperial soldiers. The combat although fluid, the magic system is unrewarding. Final Fantasy is light on Fantasy.

There are a few high spots some of the mech battles, and a battle with a giant behemoth. Which is one of the reasons I will end up playing to the finish. The sword fight portion is great as well. 

I know everybody talls about the main characters. They are annoying and stereotypical square characters. Maybe they change later on I don’t know. It’s a tough play right now. The game just needs Fantasy. Everything seems a little flat and lifeless at the moment.What seems to have a solid foundation just seems to end up flat with everything seeming tacked on and lackluster.

I may finish the game, but maybe just enough to let the story play out.


Lego Batman review


 It works as a comedy, and it works as a Batman movie. Really, the only reason not to see this is if a movie based around lego’s doesn’t interest you.

No secret here at CC we have been looking forward to Lego batman since like  January and it delivers like UPS. I just want say see this movie, if you don’t laugh well you probably never laugh. If you do and you agree feel free to tap the like button and share this post.

Will Arnette absolutely killed it. He nailed the Batman perfectly. The loaner attitude the sense of superiority and the frequent show boating just sent the character on a wild ride of ridiculous from start to finish. The one liners were firing off like Dick Chaney on a hunting trip and  they were well written. It wasn’t just me the whole theater was rolling, and the supporting cast was great as well. Granted, the script was top notch. 

It was also a good Batman movie. Of course its not going to be canon. It doesn’t even take itself seriously. That is the beauty of it all. If you get the references and just sit back and enjoy the ride, you will laugh.

If that wasn’t enough the sound track was killer as well. Especially, the opening number where he is fighting the villians. Once you watch it you will know exactly what I am talking. It all just fits nicely together just like the legos it was built upon into one satisfying masterpiece.

Take your kids and go see this movie. There are a couple jokes which are hidden that are adult only but I don’t think your kids will pick it up. It works as a comedy, and it works as a Batman movie. Really, the only reason not to see this is if a movie based around lego’s doesn’t interest you. Otherwise, I haven’t laughed this much at a movie in quite awhile.

Too many games too little time..

Ok so maybe this is a good problem to have…

So if anybody has been following Corporate chicken knows I have been playing Final Fantasy 15 and having a blast and let me say level 20…10-15 hours in and still haven’t completed the 3rd chapter. Barely scratched the surface of this beast. Actually, funny story is my dad knows I have always been a gamer at heart so every year he asks my brother what game to get me, and my brother in turns asks me what game I want.

If your like me you chew on a game forever! I have been playing Diabl0 3 for the past 5 months. So, you get the idea so if a decent title doesn’t come around for 4-5 months I am good with that. I am not a person that buys a game just to have it sit. But, if interest waves I will jump ship quicker than Lt Dan.

Horizon’s is coming out at the end of the month. Nioh just came out. Wildlands the first of next month. All of which look awesome. Been behind Horizons since E3, the next evolution of open world RPGs. If you haven’t heard of it? Why not? Open world, robot dinosaurs, and a greatly fleshed out combat system really one of the games I am looking forward to the most. If you follow me you already know that I am looking forward to Wildlands as well.

Also been playing Don’t starve on mobile, it’s a deceptively complicated little game. In fact even though it’s a port it is one of the best mobile games I have played. You’re main focus is really just that…not too starve. 

So what else is going on…

Tomorrow night….LEGO BATMAN nanananananananana. More excited than Elsa on a date with Mr. Freeze…Reviews are good and the first movie day for me and B.

Just a little note…

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And to the people lurking in shadow who are like ‘Yeah I totes get you dawg’ you are cool as well.

To the wife that takes the over emotional child when dady doesn’t speak breakdown. You are the MVP. Forget actors, forget sports…all that pop culture crap. Conservative or Liberal, Family never gets props. So next time you see a family member holding it together. Just let them know they are awesome. Cause this stuff…it doesn’t happen with luck.

So it begins

#skynet #robotapocalypse

So I come back from lunch today ready to play some more final fantasy 15. I am not sure about everybody else, but when I come back from a restaurant it’s time to relieve the bladder.

Well the friggen roomba has me blocked out the vacuum with door barricade with the shower mat! So here I am trying my best to get in and not wet myself…at least it wasn’t explosive diarrhea!

End story all is well, door intact, pants are dry!